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VönnJets comprises of state of the art fleet from short range flight with your love ones or short business trip from Laos to Singapore.  Or a mid range aircraft from Cambodia to Maldives for a week get away to a long range flight from Hong Kong to London non stop.  Our aircrafts ranges from Bombadier Global Express, Challenger to Gulfstream G500 and G650.  Please contact us immediately for friendly chat or arrange charter at jets@vonnjets.com or our Universal Phone number +1.703.775.2414 or +662.026.0128 (Thailand)

“The experience on Vönnjets for our 18 hour long range business trip was simply amazing”

VönnJets serviced a group of business individuals for a long range flight on a Global 6000 for a round trip flight of 18 hours. We covered three continents with fine dining inflight service, well rested clients, achieved the business objective and returned to their origination safely and comfortably. Mr. Thanakone

Inflight service

Our typical inflight service includes:


Carrot & Ginger Soup

Prawn, Green Mango and Paw Paw Salad

Assorted Crudité Sticks with Chunky Guacamole and Tomato Salsa Dip


Aged beef skewers with Homemade Fries

Assorted Triangle Sandwiches

Charcoal Grilled Smoked Salmon Tortilla

Crispy Goat Cheese Spring Roll

Baked Potatoes, Bacon. Scallions and Sour Cream

Tagliatelle Bolognaise



Assorted Tropical Fruit Platter

Assorted Warm Donuts

Assorted Cheese Platter



Arugula Salad with Sundried Tomatoes, Toasted Pine nuts and Shaved Parmesan

Mixed Garden Salad

Assorted Seafood Platter 

Warm appetizers: Crispy Chicken Wings with Celery and Blue Cheese, Grilled Asparagus and Crispy Goat 



Minestrone Soup



Grilled Beef Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce

Roasted Baby Chicken with Baby Jus

Grilled Salmon with Lemon Sauce

Potato Gratin Millefeuille

Basmati Rice

Steamed Mixed Vegetables

Ravioli from the Garden



Delightful Selection of Cakes 

Assorted Fruit Slices & Berries Platter 

Ice Cream Assortment 


Birthdays, Honeymoon, Weekend Getaway, Surprise Events

With a simple idea, we can deliver your dream events and surprises.  Contact our Flight Specialist and we can arrange your travel arrangements quickly and simply.

open bar champagne, coffee/tea & fruit juices

Each morning or just any time during the flight. Guest can enjoy excellent inflight fresh drinks of coffee and tea.  Our stock bar also includes nice set of alcoholic beverages include sparkling wine, red/white wine, different sorts of liquor, soft drinks, and also fresh fruit juices.


Our Destinations at a Glance

VönnJets is here is to meet your demand and desire to be any where for any occasion. We can pick up guests any where and travel in opulent style any time.  We can originate flights from CLMVT (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand) and fly any where from Asia to Africa to Australia, Middle East, Europe and USA.

Palais du Louvre
Let’s Go Flying

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A full concierge service from Asia to the rest of the world. Come aboard VönnJets and travel in style.

Your Dream Vacation is Here. Let VönnJet Flight Specialist (VFS) prepare the next trip for you.

Enjoy Some You-Time

Our long range aircrafts of Bombadier Global Express 5000 & 6000 and Gulfstream G500 and G650 have a full berth of sleeping quarters for family guests.  Our aircrafts can covert club chairs into sleeping berths for guests.  Guests can wake up just in time before landing and ready to enjoy the destination.

Medivac & Medical Transport

VönnJets has a mediVac aircrafts and able to support medical transport for all your emergency needs.  In case of absolute life saving situation, VönnJets can dispatch our ready Bombadier Challenger 605 mediVac aircraft to assist the patients and doctors to assist inflight medical services until reaching  the destine hospital.

Fine Food Cuisine

Ever dream of fine dining any where in the world in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Paris, New York.  VönnJets and its fleet of jets and crew can certainly take you and your friends & family to enjoy fine dining or a Michelin Star rated restaurants worldwide. You can also inquire these restaurants with our VönnJets Flight Specialist (VFS).  We will do our best to deliver your gastronomic experience.

1. Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy)
Chef: Massimo Bottura

2. El Celler de Can Roca (Girona, Spain)
Chef: Joan Roca

3. Mirazur (Menton, France)
Chef: Mauro Colagreco

4. Eleven Madison Park (New York City)
Chef: Daniel Humm

5. Gaggan (Bangkok, Thailand)
Chef: Gaggan Anand

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The Best Jet Experience Ever

“The Global Express 6000 was phenomenal. We could not have asked for anything better” Our VIP Client Statement

Proving Art of Excellence

“The new fleet of Gulfstream G500 is simply a beauty in the sky. It is an art by itself and its technology is beyond any aviation standards.” Vönnjets Executive The opulent of flying personal and private jet is simply amazing. With the long range of the Gulfstream G650 covering over 14 hours flight time. Covering intercontinental flights without stopping. The best part of it all, there is a full inflight service with fine dining meals throughout the flight, the entertainment system onboard, and certainly the private time for R&R. Gulfstream G650

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